Spied: 2020 BMW M3

BMW\'s next M3 has broken cover.

BMW's next-generation M3 has broken cover undergoing shakedown testing in Europe. BMW is expected to introduce its latest M3 high-performance sedan for the 2020 model year.

The all-new M3 will be based on BMW's next-generation 3 Series model, internally known as G20. As with the standard 3 Series, the next M3 will grow slightly in overall size. The regular 3 Series is expected to launch for 2019, but the M3 will trail by a model year.

The prototype spotted today is still clad in heavy camouflage, but we can still see a few M3-specific design cues poking out. Most notable among those are extended fender flares, large disc brakes and M's signature quad-exhaust outlets. Other details, such as a more aggressive front fascia, are likely still being developed.

Although a hybrid drivetrain was at least discussed for the next-generation M3, it's now believed that the sedan will be powered by an evolution of today's turbocharged 3.0L inline-six. Power should see a jump to at least 470 horsepower, but we've also heard rumors of a six-cylinder with up to 500 horsepower.

The 2020 M3 will stick to its classic rear-wheel drive layout after an all-wheel drive system was nixed due to weight and cost concerns. An eight-speed automatic transmission will be available for sure, but it remains to be seen if the 2020 M3 will be available with a manual transmission. However, initial reports are positive, with sources indicating a three-pedal setup will be on offer.

BMW is expected to introduce the 2019 3 Series next year, but it will likely be 2019 before we lay eyes on the all-new M3.

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