Bugatti considers entering SUV segment

The company is also considering a hybrid powertrain to address \'social acceptance\' of the W16 engine, even among its billionaire target demographic.

Bugatti has acknowledged that an SUV may be in its future as the brand continues to evolve.

Under the Volkswagen Group umbrella, the modern Buggati has experienced success with its narrow focus on ultra-exclusive cars. The company is apparently looking beyond the Veyron and Chiron\'s niche, however, as other luxury performance marques embrace the SUV era.

"The brand is ready for more," Bugatti head Stephan Winkelmann told Automotive News Europe in a recent interview.

The company\'s iconic W16 engine is also unlikely to be carried into the future. Aside from emissions regulations, the company is worried its buyers may grow wary of the "social acceptance" tied to such gasoline-guzzling supercars.

In any case, rival brands such as Ferrari and McLaren have proven that a hybrid solution can hold its own in terms of performance while minimizing tailpipe emissions.

For now, Bugatti is presumably focused on building more limited-edition Chiron variants.

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