Bugatti to build all-electric crossover on Rimac chassis?

The hardware would include an 1,850-hp motor and battery system.

Bugatti is reportedly considering a supply agreement with Rimac to build an all-electric crossover.

Volkswagen Group member Porsche currently owns a 10-percent ownership stake in the Croatian company, which has already developed an all-electric Bugatti Chiron rival with four electric motors that produce 1,850 horsepower.

Rimac could supply its C002 rolling chassis to Bugatti, providing a high-performance EV platform that already includes the battery and powertrain components, according to Automobile.

If true, the rumor likely centers around a few possibilities that may not have been finalized yet. Previous reports suggest the company may also be mulling a more traditional configuration based on the Lamborghini Urus.

In any case, Bugatti has no problem selling its Chiron via a succession of ultra-expensive special editions. Company leaders are presumably salivating at the profit potential for seven-figure crossovers after watching the Urus propel Lamborghini's growth in the six-figure market.

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