Cadillac allegedly rules out 2020 CT5-based coupe, wagon

The brand also explained why it didn't release the CT5 as a hatchback.

Introduced at the 2019 New York auto show, the 2020 CT5 proves Cadillac hasn't given up on the sedan segment. It will pick up where the CTS left off. But while the firm is still able to make a case for sedans in spite of decreasing sales, a recent report suggests coupes and station wagons are much more difficult to vouch for.

"As far as additional body styles, we can't announce anything right now," said Mike Bride, the CT5's chief engineer, in an interview with Motor1. While that's not a flat-out denial, the publication dug further, and it learned from insiders that coupe and wagon variants of the model aren't planned.

Americans don't buy wagons, and the coupe segment is shrinking, so we're not surprised by Cadillac's decision not to spend money to develop cars people won't buy. The two-door variant of the ATS will retire in the not-too-distant future, meaning the Cadillac line-up will be coupe-less. We know the company is planning a smaller sedan -- tentatively called CT4 -- to replace the ATS, but whether it will spawn a sedan in the vein of the Audi A5 and the BMW 4 Series remains to be seen.

Interestingly, Bride revealed his team considered launching the CT5 (pictured) with a large hatch instead of a conventional trunk lid. Its sloping roof line would lend itself well to the hatchback body style, but expanding the trunk opening would have added made the car heavier while raising its center of gravity. His comments suggest that, ultimately, a CT5 hatchback wouldn't handle as well as a CT5 sedan.

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