Cadillac to expand Super Cruise highway network, adding 70,000 miles

The additional highways are located in the US and Canada.

General Motors has announced a significant expansion in the range of roads that will work with Cadillac's Super Cruise technology.

Until now, Super Cruise has been limited to approximately 130,000 miles of limited-access divided highways. The company is now adding another 70,000 miles of highway, located in the US and Canada.

Super Cruise relies on lidar map data and high-precision GPS, barring drivers from using the hands-free driving system on roads that have not been fully mapped.

For now, owners of 2018- and 2019-model-year Cadillac CT6 sedans must bring their car to a dealer to enable the additional miles. Eventually, GM will deploy an over-the-air update system that will eliminate the need for a dealer visit.

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