Cadillac CT6 records camera feeds for security, collision evidence

If the vehicle is disturbed while the security system is armed, a surround view from four cameras will be recorded to an SD card in the trunk.

Cadillac promises to use the CT6's camera array for more than a simple back-up assistant.

The flagship sedan has been outfitted with a video storage system, allowing feeds from multiple camera angles to be simultaneously saved to an SD memory card stored in the trunk.

The memory system provides two operational models. One continuously captures video from the front and rear cameras while the car is underway. The other mode records from four surround-view cameras in a round-robin sequence when the security system is armed.

"Cadillac expects the surround-vision video recording system to be used by CT6 owners to record events such as a memorable drive, for security in the case of a vehicle being tampered with or to record an incident," the company said in a statement.

The storage feature cannot record video captured by the remaining three cameras, reserved for the rear camera mirror, lane keep assist and the night-vision system.

Image by Brian Williams.

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