Spied: Cadillac's semi-autonomous Super Cruise system

Cadillacs will soon be able to drive themselves under certain conditions.

Cadillac has been spotted testing a semi-autonomous version of its flagship CT6 sedan. Set to rival systems like Tesla's Auto Pilot, Cadillac's system will be known as Super Cruise.

Cadillac was hoping to have the Super Cruise system ready for a market launch in 2016, but the project fell behind schedule. Cadillac is now aiming to have the Super Cruise system ready for the CT6 sometime in 2017.

Although obviously a bulky add-on on this CT6 test car, the production version of Super Cruise will use GPS, camera and radar tech that's embedded in the car's body. The system is intended for highway use, taking over steering and accelerating/braking under certain circumstances.

"On highways you'll be able to take your hands off the wheel and feet off the pedals -- with a very creative way to make sure the driver (stays) alert and involved in the driving process," GM CEO Mary Barra said of the Super Cruise system in 2015.

Super Cruise will likely have some element designed to tackle the stop-and-go driving of city traffic, but the system will be mainly designed for highway cruising on well-defined roads.

There is no word on when GM plans to officially introduce Super Cruise, but we could see it as soon as this January's Detroit auto show.

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