Airbag glitch prompts Chevy Impala recall

The occupant classification system may not properly detect a small child in the front passenger seat, increasing the risk of injury in an accident.

General Motors has issued a recall for the 2014-2015 Chevrolet Impala, citing a defect with the airbag system.

Sedans equipped with front vented-heated passenger seats may fail to properly classify the occupant. Improper calibration can consequently allow the airbags to deploy when a small child is seated.

"If the front passenger air bag deploys with a child seat in the front passenger seat, it increases the risk of injury to the child," the recall documents warn.

Some owners first spotted a problem when the seat-belt warning chime would engage without anyone sitting in the passenger seat. The problem has been traced to moisture intrusion during the assembly process, causing a calibration-learning error.

Service technicians can fix the problem by reprogramming the electronics to recalibrate the occupant classification system.

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