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Yenko Silverado is a drag racer you can take to Home Depot

by Ronan Glon

How does an 800-horsepower truck sound?

Yenko made some of the hottest Chevrolet muscle cars in the 1960s and the 1970s. The company shut down, but a firm called Specialty Vehicle Engineering (SVE) recently bought the rights to the name to once again make hot-rodded Chevy models. The latest is a Silverado 1500 with Dodge Demon-like power.

The conversion starts with a regular cab truck equipped with a standard cargo box. It doesn't stay stock for very long. The Yenko treatment adds a blue-printed 6.8-liter V8 engine supercharged to 800 horsepower and 750 pound-feet of torque. Performance specifications haven't been released yet.

Six-piston brake calipers from Brembo bring the action to a stop. They're visible through six-spoke alloy wheels. The Yenko look also brings a unique hood insert, numerous decals, and model-specific emblems on the tailgate. The truck sits lower (and presumably handles better) thanks to a redesigned suspension.

SVE has capped production of the 800-horsepower Silverado to 25 examples. Motor Authority reports each one will come with a numbered badge and a special key fob. The conversion costs $46,995 before the donor vehicle gets factored into the equation. Chevrolet charges about $30,000 for an entry-level Silverado, so a Yenko model could be yours for under $80,000.

If it's space you're after, SVE will also build an 800-horsepower Suburban (or a Cadillac Escalade) that looks completely stock.

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