Divers recover Ferrari 360 from bottom of Florida harbor [Video]

The driver is accused of deliberately launching the Ferrari off the end of a dock into 30 feet of water.

Divers have posted photos and video of a recent recovery operation for a Ferrari 360 that had been driven off the end of a dock late last month in Palm Beach, Florida.

A dashcam video shot by police shows an officer talking to the driver briefly before the incident. The driver reverses the car then accelerates off the edge of a dock, landing in 30 feet of water.

First responders said alcohol or drugs were not a contributing factor, according to WPTV, while a separate report claimed the initial encounter with the officer involved a 'medical' call.

Code 3 Divers used inflatable lift bags to bring the car to the surface. A winch cable then dragged the convertible onto land, upside down, where it could be flipped upright and loaded onto a flatbed truck.

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