Ferrari teases mystery model; hybrid supercar ready for debut?

Rumors point to a mid-mounted turbo V8 paired with an electric motor.

Ferrari has posted a teaser video for a mystery model scheduled to be revealed on Thursday.

The short segment does not show much. It may provide an audible hint, however, as an unusual high-pitched tone accompanies the traditional engine exhaust growl as the driver moves through the gears.

The extra noise meshes with recent rumors pointing to a new mid-engine hybrid supercar that pairs a turbocharged V8 with one or more electric motors. Together, the power sources are expected to top the 488 Pista's 710-horsepower benchmark.

"Make room for new thrills," Ferrari says.

The new model is expected to be a standard production car when it arrives next year.

Tomorrow, the Prancing Horse family welcomes a new member. Make room for new thrills. #Ferrari pic.twitter.com/v5Xa3gL061

-- Ferrari (@Ferrari) February 27, 2019

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