Ferrari to extend LaFerrai production for a good cause

Ferrari will build one more unit of its LaFerrari supercar

The Ferrari LaFerrari will soon be a little less rare as the Italian automaker has announced that it will build one more unit of the hypercar to benefit the victims of central Italy's recent earthquake.

Ferrari has already completed the LaFerrari's planned production run of 499 units, but the automaker announced this week that it will soon build a 500th example of the hybrid super car. Ferrari says it will auction off LaFerrari No. 500 with the proceeds benefitting those affected by the August 24th earthquake, but has not announced any other details.

The LaFerrari was an expensive vehicle when in showrooms, commanding $1.3 million, but the 500th example of the supercar should easily surpass its original MSRP. The most recent LaFerrari to cross the auction block sold for a whopping $4.7 million.

Although Ferrari previously ended LaFerrari production, firing up the line for one more example shouldn't be too difficult. Ferrari will soon begin production of a LaFerrari roadster, which shares most of its competes with the coupe.

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