Canadians find 400 lbs of meth inside new vehicles shipped from Ford's Mexico factory

Methamphetamine was found in vehicles sent to more than a dozen different dealerships in Ontario.

Canadian authorities have discovered yet another drug shipment in vehicles originating from Ford's factories in Mexico.

Ontario Provincial Police tracked down nearly 400 pounds of methamphetamine hidden within tires that were in new Fusion sedans built at Ford's Hermosillo, Mexico, assembly plant and loaded onto trains bound for Canadian dealerships.

The packages were spotted by employees at four dealerships, prompting an investigation that found contraband cargo stowed in nine of 14 vehicles from the same shipment, according to The Globe and Mail. The cars were headed to more than a dozen dealerships in Ontario.

"We were able to proactively stop a similar subsequent shipment of cars as it crossed the border into Canada," said OPP Supt Bryan MacKillop.

Investigators are said to be confident the Sinaloa cartel is ultimately responsible for the methamphetamine shipment.

The discovery follows nearly two years after around 1,100 pounds of cannabis was found stashed in Ford Fusions loaded onto railcars to be delivered in the US market.

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