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1.5 million Ford Focuses recalled over stalling issue

by Byron Hurd

Fueling system problem can cause engines to shut off without warning.

Ford is recalling just under 1.5 million Focus models sold between 2012 and 2018 for a stalling issue that can occur without warning, the company announced Thursday.

According to Ford, the issue stems from a bad valve in the fueling system's emissions control hardware. If stuck open, it can cause too much vacuum. In some cases, the vehicle's ECU will not detect the issue, potentially leading to multiple problems.

In some instances, the condition will simply result in a stall and the inability to immediately restart the car. In others, the excessive vacuum can lead to deformation of the car's gas tank.

Ford says the immediate fix will involve reprogramming the ECU to detect the issue, which would allow the car to function even if the valve sticks open. Further remedies will include inspection and potential replacement of the fuel system's charcoal canister (which houses the faulty purge value).

The recall applies to all two-liter variants of the current-generation Focus built before April, 2017.