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2019 GT

While the previous Ford GT was already a world-class performer, the newest homage to the GT40 race cars of old brings an altogether new level of high-performance engineering to the American auto industry.

With all of that comes an unprecedented level of exclusivity. To purchase a new Ford GT, one must first apply through the car's web site. Only a lucky few will get their hands on the first 500 Ford GTs to be produced for the coming two model years.


The Ford GT is a ground-up re-envisioning of the high-performance American sports car. Gone is the supercharged V8 that powered the previous version. In its place sits a twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6, displacing 3.5L and producing more than 600 horsepower.

As with previous GT models, you'll find the engine behind the driver. This mid-engine configuration allows for more responsive handling and higher performance limits—two things that matter a lot when a car has been designed to turn both heads and fast laps.

Power from the EcoBoost V6 goes to the rear wheels via a seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission—the first such unit in a high-performance Ford.

This powertrain is tested and proven, having been developed in sanctioned endurance racing events around the world, capped off with a class victory at the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans—fifty years exactly after the Ford GT40's victory over Ferrari.

Light weight, active aero

While 600-plus horsepower may seem like enough to motivate any supercar, Ford wasn't content to wrap that engine in a conventional steel body and call it a day. Instead, you get a carbon fiber body backed up by other lightweight materials (such as aluminum) to ensure minimum mass and maximum speed.

The GT backs up that light weight with aggressive new aerodynamics. For starters the rear of the body is connected to the cockpit via flying buttresses optimized for airflow (both to the engine intakes and over the body itself),

The GT also employs an active rear spoiler to dynamically adjust airflow for maximum downforce and traction.

High-performance from the ground up

Under all those light-weight body and chassis components, you'll find an adjustable, track-focused torsion bar and pushrod suspension. The 20-inch wheels are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires boasting one of the most advanced high-performance street compounds available today.

Life aboard

Ford's execution of the GT's interior follows that of its exterior: fast comes first. A two-seat, driver-focused cockpit puts all of the controls and information necessary for achieving the quickest lap times at your fingertips.

The wheel boasts paddles for the seven-speed DCT along with controls for all driver aids. A multi-function digital cluster delivers all critical vehicle information, allowing the driver to personalize his or her display.

Occupant safety

The Ford GT features standard ABS, stability control, traction control and front and side airbags. The availability of advanced driver safety technology has not yet been announced.

Key competitors

The new GT is going for broke, aiming for true world-class status. As such, its competitors include the Ferrari 488, the Lamborghini Aventador and the McLaren 720S, among others.