2021 Ford Mustang Hybrid to land with V8 power?

Ford truly meant V8 power, not V8-like power.

Ford's upcoming gasoline-electric Mustang might share an important component with many of its predecessors: a V8 engine. Recent patent filings suggest Ford doesn't necessarily see electrification as an excuse to downsize.

Website AutoGuide uncovered the patent filing. It was filed by Ford in July 2017 but not published until January 2019. The filing outlines a "twin motor drive system for hybrid vehicle" made up of an internal combustion engine that spins the rear wheels, and a pair of electric motors each powering one of the front wheels via a reduction gearbox. This setup gives the Mustang all-wheel drive, a first in the nameplate's decades-long history.

The patent notes a variety of internal combustion engines are compatible with the hybrid powertrain, it's not V8-specific, but it clearly shows an eight-cylinder engine. In April 2018, Ford announced the Mustang hybrid would boast V8 power with more low-end torque; in hindsight, the company may not have been alluding to V8-like power.

At the time, Ford announced it was fast-tracking the gasoline-electric Mustang to production, and it aimed to release the model in 2020. It will presumably go on sale in the United States, but it's also a way to boost the car's popularity in markets like Europe and China. Ford hasn't provided an updated time-frame since. If 2020 is still the target, we'll certainly hear more about the Mustang hybrid in the coming months.

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