Hyundai, WayRay unveil first holographic augmented-reality navigation system

The technology will be showcased at CES in a Genesis G80.

Hyundai and Swiss startup WayRay have revealed a unique holographic augmented reality (AR) navigation system, showcasing the tech in a Genesis G80 at CES this week.

The automaker says holographic AR tech displays the stereoscopic virtual image through the windshield, unlike a traditional head-up display (HUD) that reflects an image indirectly off the windshield surface via an LCD screen mounted on the dashboard.

"The driver can enjoy vivid and precise holographic images without wearing a headset," the company notes. "The direction of movement is kept precise through the vehicle speed in real-time, and projecting navigational alerts through the windshield onto the road allows drivers to navigate safely while looking ahead undistracted."

WayRay's display shows navigational features such as lane guidance, destination points and current speed, along with driver-assistance alerts like lane departure and forward collision warnings.

WayRay has received investments from several automakers, though none have made a production announcement yet.

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