Genesis creates five custom G90 sedans for the Oscars

Could the cars preview a custom coachworks program?

Genesis has built five one-off G90 luxury sedans specifically for the 2018 Academy Awards. Each one will serve as a chauffeured car to the customary Vanity Fair post-award party.

The cars will take nominees to the time-honored shindig, giving the rich and famous an opportunity to experience Hyundai-Kia's nascent luxury brand. In a press release about the cars, design head Luc Donckerwolke explained, "The 2018 G90 collection has been designed to honor the glamour of Hollywood and break automotive color and trim boundaries."

Each of the five cars wears a different theme, some with completely far-out names:

One named A Touch of Sensuality has been painted silver and matte brown, with matching interior comprised of textured brown Nubuck leather upholstery and sand-colored Nappa leather.

Stardust is finished in a metal flake dark gray with custom patterned tuxedo black velvet throughout the cabin. The black headliner features pinpoints of light resembling a star field.

Emerald Dream is a two-tone green and dark brown, upholstered in green leather with a custom pattern repeating the Genesis logo.

One dubbed "The Ruler" is red and gray on both the outside and inside, with a bordello-esque cabin consisting of black patterned leather and textured red suede that resembles lava veins.

Lastly, one simply called Refined Understatement is finished in a blue and matte white exterior, while the cabin is wrapped in black and silver-striped leather.

According to Donckerwolke, "These special editions are just the beginning of what we can imagine for ultimate Genesis tailored luxury," leaving us to wonder Genesis is planning a bespoke customization program like Rolls Royce's Bespoke or Ferrari's Tailor-Made.

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