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Genesis head wants production Essentia EV

by Justin King

The stylish coupe ditches the conservative styling found across the current Genesis lineup.

The Genesis Essentia represents a bold departure from the Korean luxury marque's consistently conservative styling, but that isn't stopping brand head Manfred Fitzgerald from pushing for a green light.

The Essential represents an all-electric, two-door Gran Turismo with a transparent hood and carbon-fiber monocoque construction. It is said to be the initial concept for a "true GT car" defined by the "Athletic Elegance" design paradigm.

Speaking to Motor Trend, Fitzgerald says he wants to see the car enter production.

"I'm pushing for it," he said. "It's not approved for production yet ... We're testing the waters here."

If it does get a final approval, a production version of the Essentia could be rolling off the assembly line by 2021 or 2022. It will presumably ditch some of the concept's more exotic design elements, including the butterfly doors.