Honda marks 50 years of game-changing CB750

A one-off bike will be produced to honor the world's first superbike.

Honda is celebrating the 50th anniversary of one of its most significant creations in 2019. Half a century ago, the Honda CB750, widely considered to be the world's first superbike, debuted. Now, to mark the occasion, Honda is creating a one-off tribute to the iconic bike.

The original CB750 revolutionized the motorcycling world with its inline-four cylinder motor, overhead-cam design, and disc brake. The bike was so successful, Honda continued to produce it in some form or another from 1969 all the way to 2003. Then, it 2007, it even created a limited run of special editions just for the Japanese market.

To pay homage to this influential machine, Honda Italy has created a one-off bike called the CB1000R Tribute. Based on the CB1000R, the CB750's current-day four-cylinder descendant, the tribute adds several retro touches to harken back to the original.

Mechanically, it features a Y-shaped exhaust and spoked wheels styled to resemble those of the CB750's. The gas tank is painted in metallic blue with a gold stripe, one of the iconic colors of the original. It also uses the old "Honda” serif font rather than the wing logo that is standard for modern Honda motorcycles. Lastly, there's a "1000” badge affixed to the side plate designed after the original "750” badge.

The bike will debut at the Roma Motordays show in Italy, which opens March 7. There, it will be awarded to one lucky contest winner.

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