Honda mimics Chevy rock drop for new Ridgeline [Video]

The pickup\'s composite bed appears to handle the abuse with very little damage, providing another comparison to steel and aluminum.

Honda has viewed General Motors' latest attack on Ford as an opportunity to showcase its own redesigned Ridgeline pickup.

Chevrolet last week launched an ad campaign demonstrating damage from heavy landscaping blocks dropped into the Silverado's steel bed and the F-150's aluminum bed. Dropped from a height of five feet, the 825-pound load dented and scratched the steel pickup while puncturing small holes in the aluminum bed.

Redesigned for the 2017 model year, the Ridgeline employs a composite plastic bed liner as standard equipment from the factory. The replicated GM test appears to show virtually no damage to the Ridgeline.

Honda hopes a few of the Ridgeline's unique features will help the nameplate grow beyond its current small slice of the pickup segment. The truck boasts 48 inches of stowage space between the rear wheel arches, along with an in-bed trunk and four-speaker audio system for tailgate partying.

The new Ridgeline began rolling off the assembly line last month at Honda's Alabama factory.

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