Production Infiniti Q60 Black S could debut this year

The Infiniti Q60 Black S is a hybrid with 500 horsepower.

Infiniti has been toying with the idea of building a serious performance car to rival the likes of BMW's M and Mercedes' AMG for the last several years, but so far the Japanese automaker has abstained from an arms race with the Germans. However, that cease fire might not last for long as Infiniti will reportedly unveil a production-ready high-performance model later this year.

According to Australia's Car Advice, Infiniti will introduce a production-ready version of its Q60 Black S concept at this year's Paris Motor Show. As you might recall, the Infiniti Q60 Black S debuted in concept form at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

Like its show car counterpart, the production-intent Q60 Black S will pair a 400 horsepower twin-turbocharged V6 plucked from the Q60 Red S with a hybrid system derived from F1 technology. Think of it as a more affordable version of the drivetrain in the Ferrari LaFerrari of Mercedes-AMG Project One.

Total output is said to be around 500 horsepower (100 of that coming from the electric system), which would put the Infiniti Q60 Black S on par with the Mercedes-AMG C63 and ahead of the BMW M4. With that level of power, the Q60 Black S will likely be able to sprint from 0-60 in four seconds or less.

Despite being designed with production in mind, it's still not a slam dunk that Infiniti will actually build the Paris show car. However, Tommaso Volpe, Infiniti's director of product strategy and motorsport, told Car Advice "it's vital that whatever we do in F1 applies to the road business.” That statement would seem to imply the odds of production are good, although the Q60 Black S isn't expected to arrive in showrooms before 2020.

Infiniti recently announced that all of its new vehicles launched after 2021 would be electrified, and the Q60 Black S would certainly be a good way to introduce that new strategy with a bang.

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