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2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport leaked as toy car

by Ben Hsu

A diecast scale model has seemingly revealed the production SUV before its official debut.

The 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport has been leaked in diecast form. Scale models of what is believed to be the upcoming three-row SUV are the first undisguised look at the production version.

Though spy shots and camouflaged teasers from the company itself have circulated online, photos of the toy car surfaced this morning on WorldCarFans. The toy reveals a design very similar to the Discovery Vision Concept unveiled at the New York Auto Show in April.

The main difference is that the alleged production model lacks the suicide doors of the concept. The presumed production version's glass is a bit larger, with a straighter cut around the C-pillar than the Vision's swoopy show car kink.

The front fascia's shape is softer than that of the concept, with a horizontal opening below the grille to define the bumpers. What appear to be LED fog lights sit in a trapezoidal opening, rather than below vertical vents. Overall, the lines and surfacing have been toned down to make it more production friendly but it still hews fairly faithfully to the concept's overall shape.

The model comes in two colors, all black and orange with a black roof. If the model is accurate, this seems to imply an Evoque-like contrasting roof will be available.

Of course, this isn't the first time a toy has spoiled the reveal of a production car. The 2013 Dodge Viper was leaked in early 2012 by a Hot Wheels model. Mattel also famously released the 1968 Corvette in diecast form before the production car's unveiling.

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