Lexus mulling high-performance SUVs

The SUVs might have their own F models.

Lexus's F models have remained dedicated to naturally aspirated, big block motors and an old school rawness that is rapidly disappearing in the luxury performance segment. Now, it appears that Lexus has plans to expand its F sub-brand to its luxury SUV models.

It's a topic of "active conversation,” reports Motor1, quoting Cooper Ericksen Lexus's vice president of product planning and strategy. The question, however, is whether in this context F will mean a sportier road machine or a more hard-core off roader.

The issue right now is that Lexus builds two very different types of SUVs. Smaller models like the UX, NX and RX are unibody, car-based architectures that would favor a sportier execution. But Lexus is somewhat unique in that they also offer true go-anywhere body-on-frame trucks that can navigate some serious terrain. It's no secret the GX and LX are based on the Land Cruiser, one of Toyota's all-time great four-wheelers.

Lexus has acknowledged that a UX F might manifest as a high-performance hybrid, but that also seems to be at odds with cars like the GS F and RC F. It looks like Lexus is at a crossroads, and it will be interesting to see which path they choose.

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