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Lincoln asks dealers to build standalone showrooms

by Ronan Glon

\"Customers want to buy a luxury product in a luxury environment,\" the company explains.

Back from the brink, Lincoln is asking some of its dealers in the United States to build standalone showrooms in a bid to further differentiate its cars from less expensive Ford models.

Speaking to Automotive News, company insiders explained standalone stores typically sell more cars than stores that sell Lincoln and Ford products under the same roof. The concept of a Lincoln-only dealer was unthinkable a few years ago, when the brand teetered on the brink of collapse, but a recent product offensive has opened up new opportunities. For Lincoln, it's also a way to show its values.

"Customers expect the environment to be equal to the product. They want to buy a luxury product in a luxury environment," said Robert Parker, Lincoln's director of marketing, in an interview with the trade journal.

Automotive News adds that, as of August 2018, Lincoln is only asking the 150 dealers located in America's top 30 American markets for luxury cars to build a standalone showroom. Those markets represent 70 percent of sales so image is key. About half of them have started construction; the rest have until July 2021 to separate Ford and Lincoln. They're allowed to continue running the parts and service departments under the same roof, however.

Note: Lincoln Aviator pictured.

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