Mercedes-Benz recalls GLC; airbags can inadvertently deploy

The campaign affects less than 1,000 units from the 2016 model year.

Mercedes-Benz has launched a recall program for a small batch of 2016 GLC crossovers, including the GLC 300 and GLC 300 4Matic.

A wiring harness for the steering column switch module may have been incorrectly routed by the supplier, allowing the harness to become jammed in the steering column adjustment mechanism.

"Chafing of the wiring harness at the steering column adjustment spindle could potentially cause failure of the turn signal, gear selector, ESP or EPS," the company warns. "Moreover, in isolated rare cases, the airbag might malfunction or deploy inadvertently, and an engine stall cannot be excluded."

The issue was identified early last year and resolved a few months later with additional training at the supplier's manufacturing plant. Mercedes-Benz continued to monitor vehicles in the field, eventually deciding that the defect poses a potential safety risk.

Service technicians will inspect, reroute and replace the wiring harness, if necessary, in 888 vehicles.

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