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Mercedes-Maybach unveils armored S600 Pullman Guard

by Justin King

Despite the armor protection, the Guard offers the same interior dimensions as the standard S600 Pullman.

Mercedes-Maybach has unveiled the S600 Pullman Guard, adding armor protection to the stretched sedan.

Designers developed both the standard Pullman and its armored sibling in parallel, better concealing the protection and maintaining the same interior dimensions for both vehicles.

Four heads of state or oligarchs can sit face-to-face behind a glass partition in the back half of the car, with complete VR9-class protection and Directive ERV blast resistance. A steel bulkhead positioned behind the seats secures the head area of the passengers.

"From the outside, the special protection equipment is barely discernible, like on all S-Class Guard models," the company says. "This comes courtesy of the dark-tinted windows in the passenger compartment, for example."

To help chauffeurs or security personnel open the 11,000-pound car's doors, engineers added electric power-assist motors to multiply the manual force. Its heavy windows are opened hydraulically.

The first examples will begin arriving in the second half of 2017, each priced just under 1.4 million euros (~$1.56 million USD).

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