Next-generation Nissan Frontier "almost finished"

The next Frontier will compete in a rejuvenated segment.

Nissan released the current-generation Frontier (pictured) when the midsize pickup truck segment's future looked grim at best. The Frontier is consequently one of the oldest trucks on the market, and one of the oldest cars available new in America regardless of market segment, but Nissan stressed that a replacement is right around the corner.

"It is something we are actively working on, and will soon be coming to the market," revealed Ivan Espinosa, Nissan's vice president of product planning, when asked about the Frontier's replacement by Autoblog. He added the truck is "almost finished."

Espinosa stopped short of revealing what Nissan has in store for the Frontier's replacement. The Japanese company sells a truck named Navara in most global markets, including Asia and Europe. It could sell an updated and Americanized version of that model in the United States, which is essentially what Ford has done with the Ranger, or it could develop an entirely new model from scratch.

Time will tell what "soon" means in Nissan-speak. The company hasn't revealed when we'll see a new Frontier. When the truck lands, it will need to fend off competition from the Ford Ranger, the GMC Canyon/Chevrolet Colorado twins, and the ever-popular Toyota Tacoma.

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