Nissan recalling Frontier pickup over fire hazard

An electrical issue has prompted the recall of the Nissan Frontier.

Nissan is recalling a small batch of its Frontier pickup truck over an electrical issue that could cause a vehicle fire.

Nissan is recalling certain 2012-2014 model year Frontier pickups produced between November 28, 2012, and December 17, 2013, due to a manufacturing defect in the truck's wiring. The Japanese automaker says the circuit break in the affected trucks may have been installed incorrectly, which could allow the wiring harness to make contact with a bolt located on the A-pillar.

Nissan warns that the protected cover of the wiring harness can eventually be worn through by the bolt, potentially leading to a short and a vehicle fire.

A total of 13,535 Frontiers are covered by the recall.

Nissan will remedy the problem by inspecting the circuit breaker and replace where necessary. The recall campaign is scheduled to begin in March.

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