Porsche 911 PHEV could get 700 horsepower

It will be the most powerful street-legal 911 ever.

The idea of Porsche launching a plug-in hybrid variant of the next-generation 911 has gone from an if to a when but, until recently, the model remained shrouded in secrecy. We now have a better idea of what it will look like under the sheet metal.

"The 911 plug-in must be a very strong performing car. It will be the most powerful 911 we've ever had; 700 bhp might be possible," Porsche boss Oliver Blume told British magazine Autocar. As of writing, the most powerful 911 is the GT2 RS (pictured), which offers a twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter flat-six engine rated at 700 horsepower.

Technical specifications remain a mystery at this point. Autocar speculates the powertrain will consist of an electric motor rated at over 136 horsepower and a turbocharged flat-six engine. The brand will apply some of the lessons learned from the 918 Spyder to the first-ever gasoline-electric 911, which could wear the Turbo S E-Hybrid nameplate.

Blume added the plug-in 911 will offer "a special button for the electric punch," which suggests it will come with a race car-style push-to-pass feature. He stopped short of giving away the predicted acceleration times but it should be one of the quickest 911s ever.

Porsche will introduce the next-generation 911 before the end of the year. We could see it as soon as the Paris Motor Show. We'll learn more about the hybrid model in the coming months. Don't expect it to arrive until a few years into the next-gen car's production run, however.

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