VIN decoder reveals three possible new Porsche trims for 2019

The new trims would be for the Panamera, Cayman and 911.

Porsche fans appear to be in for a real treat in the upcoming model year — according to a new National Highway Traffic Safety Administration document, the German automaker is planning not one, but three enthusiasts-focused models for the 2019 model year.

Automakers routinely send VIN decoding information to the NHTSA, and Porsche is no different. Only this time those VIN decoders for the upcoming model year contained some juicy nuggets.

According to the documents, which were first noticed by Autoguide, Porsche is planning a GTS version of its 2019 Panamera line. The trim package will be available for both the sedan and the Sport Turismo, but we don't know much about it beyond that. However, it's safe to assume that the Panamera GTS will have a little more power and a sportier suspension than the normal 4S model.

Next up for 2019 is a 718 Cayman T. Once again most of the car's details are filled out as ‘TBD,' but the Cayman T will likely copy the same general blueprint as the 911 T. That fact is somewhat confirmed by the car's curb weight, which is listed as 66 pounds lighter than the standard Cayman (the 911 T is 44 pounds lighter than its standard counterpart). A sportier suspension could also be in the cards.

Finally, the decoder guide suggests that Porsche will launch a 911 Speedster for 2019. Porsche teased a 911 Speedster (pictured) last month and Porsche has produced such a model in the past, so to see the model in print isn't a huge surprise. Look for the 911 Speedster to be Porsche's way of sending off the current 991 generation of the iconic sports car.

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