Dodge pickup driver rams his way into Texas Walmart

The rampage was caught on security cameras.

A Dodge Ram fulfilled its name destiny early Thursday morning when its 19-year-old driver crashed it into a San Angelo, Texas Walmart store and proceeded to drive through the big box retailer.

According to a report on Go San Angelo, the driver, Caleb Wilson, was seen in the Walmart parking lot arguing with his companion, an 18-year-old woman who has not been identified. A bystander, fearing for the woman's safety, brought her back into the store. The article describes the frightening situation:

Later, the patron and the female checked to see if Wilson had left, which is when Wilson sped toward them. They jumped out of the path of the pickup just in time to avoid being hit. Instead, the pickup smashed through the Walmart's market center entrance.

According to security camera footage, Wilson continued to go on a rampage throughout the store, shattering glass, knocking over displays, and crashing into freezers in the frozen foods section. Some shoppers in other parts of the store heard "bloodcurdling screams" and mistook the noise for a crazed shooter.

When police showed up, Wilson drove his 2001 Ram pickup out of the store and back into the parking lot, hitting a parked Toyota Camry. Police noted that the truck was leaking fuel and creating sparks as it dragged metal across the lot. Wilson was headed towards a nearby gas station as officers arrested him and used the emergency shut-off to stop the station's fuel pumps.

Wilson is being charged first degree felony criminal mischief and two counts of aggravated assault with deadly weapon. Miraculously, no one was injured, though the Walmart sustained an estimated $500,000 worth of damage.

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