Rolls-Royce shows off One Thousand and One Nights collection Ghost

Chapter One car will get public debut later this month.

A new special edition Rolls-Royce Ghost is now being demonstrated by the ultra-luxury brand. The Middle East arm of Rolls Royce is showing off the car that takes a design from The Arabian Nights Entertainment folk stories, or better known as just Arabian Nights in western culture. The car was created by the Bespoke team at Rolls-Royce's Goodwood, England headquarters and uses a two-tone paint technique.

The two colors are separated by a pinstripe that grows to form the words that translate to "One Thousand and One Nights" in Arabian. There are also intricate designs hand-painted into the car around the door handles. The epic tales told by Scheherazade to Shahryar are regarded as one of the region's most famous works of literature.

The car in these photos is just one of three, and is being called Chapter One. It will be shown off to the public at the Sharjah International Automobile Show on November 28. Chapter Two and Chapter Three cars will be shown off next year, during the first and third quarter, respectively.

Other than the one-off exterior treatment, the car is otherwise standard-issue Rolls-Royce. Pricing for the one-of-a-kind car hasn't been revealed.

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