Subaru reveals BRZ STI Sport at Tokyo Auto Salon

Engine output stays the same, but improvements to the chassis promise better handling.

Subaru has unveiled a BRZ STI Sport Concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Sadly, the lightweight sports coupe doesn't appear to have any horsepower increases, but other performance parts promise to improve the driving experience.

STI Sport appears to be a moniker Subaru is applying to cars that are not as hard core as pure STI cars, but with some visual and suspension upgrades. An analogue would be the M Sport and F Sport packages found on BMW and Lexus vehicles.

According to Subaru, the concept for the concept is "pure handling delight," emphasizing corner carving ability rather than straight line speed. To stiffen up the chassis, the BRZ STI Sport comes with a flexible V-brace in the engine bay and flexible chassis support rods that bolt onto the undercarriage.

A freer flowing STI performance muffler may eke out a few more ponies, but the brake horsepower figures — those measured at the flywheel — is still 205. That number is standard for all manual transmission 2017 BRZ models, which have a redesigned intake manifold that accounts for the 5-horse bump from 2016 models.

The remaining differences are cosmetic: front, side and rear skirts; a gloss black spoiler, 18-inch matte black aluminum wheels, seats upholstered in leather and Alcantara, and a leather-covered steering wheel.

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