Tesla Model S hits 400,000 miles; maintenance costs 5c per mile

The fleet operator suggests a Lincoln Towncar or Mercedes GLS would have cost $0.22-$0.25 per mile to maintain.

Rideshare company Tesloop has pushed a Tesla Model S 90D to 400,000 miles, driving city to city in Southern California and Nevada.

The Model S has incurred a combined maintenance cost of approximately $19,000, or about $0.05/mile. The total cost breaks down to $6,700 for vehicle repairs and $12,200 for regularly scheduled maintenance.

"Tesloop estimates that a Lincoln Town Car or Mercedes GLS class' combined maintenance cost to be around $88,500 ($0.22/mile) and $98,900 ($0.25/mile) respectively over 400,000 miles," the company wrote on its blog.

Tesloop did have a few problems with the Model S' battery, requiring two replacements. With multiple daily supercharges to 95-100 percent charge, range had degraded by six percent in the first 194,000 miles when the battery was first replaced. The second battery degraded by 22 percent by 324,000 miles, marking the next replacement.

After replacing the battery the first time, Tesla found an internal imbalance and blamed "consistent supercharging to 100 percent from a low state of charge (SOC) without any rest periods in between." The automaker recommended scheduling charging three hours after the end of the drive when charging from a low SOC.

Tesloop's Model X 90D achieved 300,000 miles on its original battery and drive units in 1.75 years, with range degradation of around 10 percent. The Model S required a new front drive unit at 36,000 miles, while the X received a new rear drive unit after hitting 300k.

"The company believes that the Model S can drive another 600,000 miles over the next 5 years, while under warranty," Tesloop said.

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