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Tesla drops 'Model E' trademark for entry-level offering

by Justin King

Trademark abandoned as development continues.

Tesla Motors appears to have soured on the name 'Model E' for its forthcoming entry-level offering.

The company at one time listed the term among its US Patent and Trademark Office filings. A recent peek taken by Autoblog revealed that the trademark has been abandoned, however.

The new sedan is expected to be slightly smaller than the Model S, which already uses the 'S' designation in an apparent reference to its sedan form. The Model X continues the theme, labeling an all-wheel-drive crossover.

Tesla CEO has used the term Model E publicly, though the company also uses the generic monicker "Gen 3" when referring to the project.

Although Tesla's trademark for 'Model E' has been abandoned, the USPTO database suggests the company still has plans to use the term 'Model Y' for a mystery vehicle.

Whatever name is eventually chosen, the car is expected to aim for a $35,000 price tag while offering a 200-mile range. Launch timing is unclear, with some reports pointing to an early-2015 unveiling and others claiming the sedan won't be ready until 2017 or later.

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