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Tesla reaffirms Model X launch for early 2015

by Justin King

Production model will come standard with all-wheel-drive, optional third-row seating.

Tesla Motors has sent a status update to Model X reservation holders, promising that the crossover is still slated for initial availability early next year.

Echoing earlier comments from CEO Elon Musk, the company has officially finalized the crossover's iconic falcon-wing doors for the production model. The doors will be paired with sensors to prevent them from striking nearby objects while opening.

"Not only do these doors look amazing, but they also make getting in and out of the Model X so much easier than would a conventional front hinged door," the status update notes. "You can even do it standing up."

The crossover will also come standard with an all-wheel-drive system, and will be offered with optional third-row seating. The second and third seating rows will be foldable to create a platform for large cargo.

The Model X design that was unveiled in 2012 is still technically a concept. It is still shown without side mirrors, in violation of federal safety requirements. The company has lobbied the government to provide more flexibility for small cameras to serve the same purpose, however traditional mirrors will have to be added if the rules are not changed by production time.

Final prototypes will begin rolling off the Fremont, California, assembly line sometime this fall.

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