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Toyota details Mirai production in former LFA factory [Video]

by Justin King

The \'LFA Works\' plant will build the hydrogen-powered Mirai at a rate of three units per day.

Toyota has detailed the production process for its new Mirai fuel-cell sedan.

Named after the Japanese word for 'future,' the hydrogen-powered car is being built at the company's Matomachi Plant in Toyota City, Japan. The factory is also known as the former LFA Works, previously home to production for the Lexus supercar and the Toyota Supra.

Like the LFA, the Mirai is assembled by a small team of specialized workers. The company expects just three units to roll off the line each day, a small fraction of the volume that is achieved at the company's mass-production factories.

Toyota is making a big bet on hydrogen for the car of the future, however critics argue that fuel-cell technology will fail to prove competitive against battery-powered EVs in the long run. Some analysts believe the company is taking a significant loss on each Mirai sold, despite an expected retail sticker price of $57,500 in the US market.

Reflecting the extremely low production volume, just 200 units will be bound for the US this fall. Production is expected to ramp up into the thousands of units annually for 2016 and 2017, helping Japan reach its goal of 6,000 fuel-cell cars on Tokyo roads by the 2020 Olympics.

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