Toyota to roll out automatic engine shutoff, automatic park safety features

The technologies are designed to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and rollaway accidents.

Toyota has announced plans to roll out two new safety features across its lineup, addressing concerns over carbon monoxide poisoning and rollaway accidents.

Starting with the 2020 model year, vehicles will be programmed to automatically shut off the engine after a predetermined period of time in case the ignition is inadvertently left on.

Currently, Toyota vehicles issue a two-step alert to notify the driver that the engine is running and requests the engine to be turned off. After deploying automatic shutoff, the system will be updated to include smartphone app notifications as an added reminder.

The 2020 model year will also bring automatic park for any vehicles equipped with an electronic means of shifting and/or applying the parking brake. In the event that a driver exits the vehicle without placing the vehicle into "park," the transmission will automatically shift and the parking brake will be applied.

Toyota has not yet outlined which vehicles will be the first to receive the new features.

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