Ford to use Volkswagen's EV platform?

A VW executive suggests the company is open to sharing its MEB architecture, though no

Ford is reportedly considering Volkswagen's electric vehicle platform for upcoming development projects.

VW CFO Frank Witter has indicated the German automaker may be willing to share its MEB all-electric platform architecture, according to Automotive News.

"Whether we might provide access to other brands outside of the VW Group is theoretically possible, but there is no decision," he recently told analysts on a quarterly financial call.

The latest report suggests EVs may eventually be included in the recently announced partnership between VW and Ford. The companies have not officially confirmed the tie-up, however, and commercial vehicles have been mentioned as a primary focus.

Sharing the MEB platform with rivals could help VW Group offset development costs. The automaker expects to build millions of MEB-based vehicles across its own brands.

Image by Ronan Glon.

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