Next Volkswagen Passat switching to MQB platform

The next Passat will again be designed in America, for Americans.

A new report sheds a little bit of insight into what we can expect from the next-generation of the Volkswagen Passat.

The next Passat will move to Volkswagen's modular MQB platform, a shift that will make it lighter and more efficient than the current model (pictured). Adopting the MQB architecture will also help Volkswagen leverage the benefits of economies of scale.

Whether the Passat will carry on with a V6 engine is up in the air at this point. Nothing is official, but we wouldn't be surprised if the six-cylinder is dropped altogether in favor of a powerful turbo four. A gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain is also expected to join the lineup, a first for our version of the Passat.

The switch to MQB doesn't mean that Volkswagen is going to sell the Euro-spec model on our shores.

"It's not going to be a Euro Passat. It's going to be designed in America, for America," an anonymous source familiar with Volkswagen's plans told VW Vortex.

The next Chattanooga-built Passat was expected to make its debut in 2018, but VW Vortex reports that its debut has been delayed due to the platform change. And while a new time frame hasn't been provided yet, its introduction will allegedly coincide with the launch of a revised Euro-spec Passat.

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