Volkswagen bringing sub-Tiguan crossover to the U.S.

The model is tentatively called Tarek.

Volkswagen's American division has often said it wants to expand its line-up with a crossover positioned below the Tiguan. The company's Argentinian arm has shed insight into the model, which will be sold in several markets around the globe.

Local executives announced plans to inject a sizable amount of money into the Pacheco, Argentina, plant that currently produces the Amarok pickup truck to manufacture a crossover named Tarek. Slides from a presentation published by Autoblog Argentina reveal the model will also be built in Mexico for the American, Canadian, and Mexican markets, and in Russia for the local market.

The same slide suggests the Tarek is related to -- though not necessarily identical to -- the Tharu (pictured) currently manufactured in China. Built on Volkswagen's MQB platform, the five-seater stretches 175 from bumper to bumper, a figure that makes it 10 inches shorter than the long-wheelbase Tiguan sold in the United States, and about the same size as the first-generation Tiguan. It will be positioned as the smallest member of Volkswagen's growing crossover and SUV portfolio.

Volkswagen's Argentinian division will begin producing the Tarek in 2021. There's no word yet on when production of the American-spec model will begin, Volkswagen of America hasn't commented on the report or on the car, but we expect to learn more about it in the coming months.

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