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Volvo announces Polestar Engineered label for S60

by Ronan Glon

The S60\'s range-topping model takes shape.

Volvo has teamed up with its Polestar sub-division to make a range-topping variant of the upcoming 2019 S60.

The Polestar Engineered-badged model will be based on the 400-horsepower plug-in hybrid S60 T8 Twin Engine. The high-zoot variant will be appreciably more engaging to drive thanks to modifications made to the wheels, the brakes, the suspension, and the ECU.

The tweaks will bump the gasoline-electric powertrain's output to 415 horsepower and 494 pound-feet of torque. Öhlins shock absorbers borrowed from the plug-in hybrid Polestar 1 coupe will ensure it handles better than the standard S60.

Volvo promises to add lighter wheels that give on-lookers a view of the gold-painted Brembo brake calipers. Gold will replace light blue as Polestar's new hallmark color, the company notes. The aesthetic modifications will also include Polestar emblems, black chrome exhaust tips, and gold seat belts.

Looking ahead, Volvo will release Polestar Engineered versions of the V60 and the XC60. All three models will be available in limited quantities either via dealerships or through the Care By Volvo subscription service. Pricing hasn't been announced yet but we'll learn more soon.

Volvo will introduce the next-generation S60 on June 20 during an event held at its new Charleston, South Carolina, factory. The 2019 S60 will become the first American-made Volvo.

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