Tesla Model S catches fire while parked in San Francisco garage

The car wasn't plugged in, according to fire fighters.

For the second time in as many weeks, a Tesla Model S has inexplicably caught fire while parked. The latest incident took place in a private garage located in San Francisco, and the car wasn't plugged in when it burst into flames.

Writing on its official Twitter account, the San Francisco fire department explained it responded to a vehicle fire at about 2:00 am on May 3. It said the fire fighters responding to the incident noticed smoke coming from near the right rear tire. They put the fire out, removed the car from the garage it was in, and cut the electrical circuits. The department reported no one was injured during the incident, and it stressed it had no further information.

Where the smoke was coming from remains up in the air; components near the right rear tire include the brakes, the suspension, the motor, and the battery pack. The fire department is still investigating the cause of the fire. It found nothing suspicious, according to the San Francisco Examiner, so this likely isn't a case of arson.

"Tesla cars are approximately 10 times less likely to experience a fire than gas cars. In this instance, we have not received any information to indicate that this fire was a result of any issues with the car itself. Still, we believe that even a factor of ten fewer fires per vehicle for electric cars is too many, and we aspire to be as close to zero as we can," the company said in a statement sent to Business Insider.

Tesla shed no insight into what could have caused the Model S to suddenly catch fire, though the company is presumably carrying out its own investigation. It's also looking into why another Model S burst into flames in a Shanghai-area parking garage in late April. The incident was caught by a surveillance camera, and widely shared on social media networks in China and abroad.

Screen shot from local news channel KRON4.

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